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emailXL, what we do

Every blog should start with an introduction. Ironically this will end up being the post at the very bottom of the list…

emailXL provides fast internet service to residents of Chicagoland. We bring the same fiber internet that financial services companies in financial centers user to execute lightning-fast trades to Chicago residents. We negotiate with multiple fiber internet providers to deliver a fast connection at a wholesale prices.

Bill, Beverly, and I had a meeting on February 8th where we discussed are target market. Our two initial installs are large condos in Chicago. We’ve been looking at the economics. For large building with ethernet cabling run to the units we can provide internet that is both faster and cheaper than an ATT DSL line.

We are looking for buildings

  1. Built or renovated after 2000 (because they would have cat 5 or better ethernet cable run to the units)
  2. Near a fiber line (Sidera, one of our providers has a map: -> Enter a Chicago zip like 60601 )
  3. That currently have relatively slow or non-existent internet.
  4. Within 5 miles of our office at 345 N Canal, so we can quickly respond in-person when needed.

We are thinking condos use management companies, so we might be better off contacting them.

Any other ideas or anything wrong with these cuts?