About us


We are a boutique internet service provider. We provide high speed internet access for condos and apartment buildings in Chicagoland. All of our staff are located in Cook County Illinois and speak English fluently. We have a phenomenal service record. 

We have been consulting and doing business since January 2002.


Additional Offerings


We also do web hosting and website design. We are the driving force behind SwiftShift, Ajaxchess.com and HealthCodex.com. We believe in simple, clean, modular, and expandable design. As you can see from our own site, we don’t believe in loading a site with gimmicks that will impress the visitor the first time, but merely slow down the browser on all subsequent visits. Your customer’s time is important, we know it, and we make sure your site reflects this truth.


How to reach us?


Our office is in downtown Chicago, right where the Chicago River branches, at 345 N. Canal Street, suite 404. 

Need help:
Our help desk number is 312-224-1752. 

To reach Dr. Cross directly, call 773-457-7238 or email rcross@emailxl.com.
To reach Dr. Murray directly, call 847-207-6317 or email wmurray@emailxl.com