The Company

The emailXL team first worked on technology operations at the ZEUS experiment in the early 90s. We have done internet over power and wireless internet via WiFi and Canopy. When we rolled out our first fiber install we realized it is an unbeatable in terms of affordability and reliability.

Drs. Cross and Murray met in Hamburg in 1996 while collaborating together on the ZEUS experiment where Richard was a student and William was serving as a post doctoral research scientist. Between us, we have more than 50 years of computer experience.

If you want high quality service without dealing with an impersonal bureaucracy or a shocking price, we look forward to hearing from you.

Our Team

Long before there was a World-Wide-Web, there was still an internet. Back in those days, when we all rode dinosaurs to the computer center, the only users were various kinds of academics, mostly scientists and graduate students and technical staff associated with universities and big laboratories.

Drs. Gero (Dr. Gero is our chief programmer) and Murray were students at SLAC who were trading email messages back and forth way back in 1987. Dr. Cross, back in 1987, was still in high school, aggressively coding up educational software for his family’s company.

The first web browser to ever exist was another one of those big laboratory things that came out of CERN in 1990.

By the mid-90’s all of us were working on research projects at European labs, Dr. Gero was at INFN while Drs. Cross and Murray were working on ZEUS at DESY.

So as you can see, we’ve had a tiny little bit of experience with this “internet” thing, going back a mere two and a half decades. Troubleshooting internet connection problems is old hat to us. We have the experience to wire up your building and get you connected.