So why is it so great if something goes wrong and I call emailXL?

Your typical great big telecomm company has a call center staffed with hundreds of response technicians. They usually are not really all that well trained. Sure, they’ll give you a “trouble ticket” right away, but a lot of them don’t really know that much about the underlying technology. We do.

Because we use superior technology (optical fiber in concert with Cisco routers and switches) we can construct robust systems where problems are rare. And we’re exclusive to downtown Chicago and places easily reachable from that locale. We’re not spread out all over the place and all our technicians know all our buildings.

Our three principle “technicians” (two of whom are the owners) are all Ph.D.’s in experimental particle physics. That means we’ve been using computers heavily since the mid 80’s and we’ve been sending emails since the mid 80’s too. We remember when the internet was just email and 95% academic users. We’ve grown up with the internet, we’ve done networking for decades. We’ve seen all the big innovations from the ground up and we understand them from the inside out.

Our 2 reserve technicians (who are close personal friends/relatives of the owners) both have college degrees in scientific fields and have also been programming and fixing networking problems for decades.